I believe that healing is disruptive to upholding supremacy and that making embodied decisions about where, when and how you spend your money dismantles systems of oppression. COMMUNITY CONJURY is a way for the community-supporting-community cycle to stay inspired and accessible. In lieu of gratuity, you are welcome to donate a percentage of additional funds towards COMMUNITY CONJURY which will financially support/sponsor those unable to pay for my services and enable access to treatment at zero cost. While I am committed to offering sliding scale, I am well aware of the societal barriers that financially prevent many from the access to the care they deserve.

This “pay it forward” fund grants you the opportunity to support and contribute directly to the healing of someone else. While this isn’t going to solve greater systemic issues, if you have additional funds this is an active and direct step to support and dismantle the structures that prohibit healing.

Please note that this donation is not tax deductible.

If you are interested in receiving a service by way of COMMUNITY CONJURY, please contact me.