Photo by Kiki Robinson of Opulent Witch

Photo by Kiki Robinson of Opulent Witch

This 60- min session has been created to help tend to the altar of your body and cultivate a deeper connection with your lovely, radiant and expressive face. This treatment can be added on to any session, or act as a stand-alone service.

I believe all skin is ‘good’ skin and find the aging process to be an absolute privilege and truly gorgeous! These sessions are simply another opportunity to connect to your divine self and inner beauty.

Facial Rejuvenation treatments can help support:

Decreasing puffiness around the eyes and dark undereye circles

Headache relief

Decreasing fascial restrictions in the face

Increasing production of collagen and elastin in the face for fine lines and wrinkles

Decreasing sinus pressure

General sense of relaxation and ease of the face

Enhancing the circulatory supply of nutrients to the face

Sessions include a combination of Lymphatic drainage, Swedish and acupressure massage on the face, head and neck, gua sha, facial cupping, and/or jade rolling. All sessions include the application of witch hazel, vitamin E infused rose oil, and rose hydrosol.