Lymphatic Drainage stimulates and increases Lymphatic circulation and production which helps detoxify the body. By way of extremely gentle, slightly rhythmic and circular touch, Lymph- a fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body- is stimulated.

Known as the system responsible for waste disposal, our Lymph system is a complex vessel of communication between extremely hard working glands, ducts, nodes, and vessels that move fluids through the body and return them back to the circulatory system at a slow rhythm, clearing away bacteria, cell debris, excess water, proteins, and waste from connective tissue, eventually returning back to your bloodstream for permanent removal by your kidneys.

Using extremely light and rhythmic touch, Lymphatic massage “drains” the lymph nodes, stimulates production of antibodies, and promotes regeneration of tissues and organs.

This extremely gentle hands-on healing modality is an amazing tool to help the body after a major surgery and can help:

Ease general edema (swelling,) bruising, and other discomfort involved with post-up healing process

Chronically lock of energy/ sluggish immune system

Digestive problems/consistent bloating


Boost the production of collagen, elastin, and break down fascial restrictions

Unlike other massage modalities, Lymphatic work can be implemented during the acute stage of injuries or post-up to help promote swift healing.

*Please note that you can drink alcohol, caffeine, or soda and consume gluten, meat, and processed sugar, tobacco or other drugs and still receive this care with amazing results. I prioritize offering judgement-free care and reject the upholding of puritanical beliefs around our bodies being toxic; I believe those thought forms are upheld to keep us in spirals of shame and guilt around our relationship to our bodies. Working with your Lymph system is simply a powerful way to connect deeper with your own physiological system to make more informed choices about what your body is telling you it needs.