I identify as a trauma-informed practitioner, meaning I bring my awareness that our emotional and mental experiences can shape the way our bodies retain information and the intricate ways in which being touched can bring up a lifetime of stored memory of events.

For this reason, at any given moment during our time together, you have full agency to share or ask for what you need. Sometimes this may include (but is not limited to) adjustments such as the following:

Specific needs around more or less pressure

Adjusting the light or music

Open dialog and communication throughout the session

Bathroom or water breaks

Remaining fully clothed

Only receiving touch on specific areas of the body

During our time together, I will offer any adjustments that I am capable of to make our time together comfortable and effective for you. I will not actively or intentionally attempt to elicit an emotional response or an emotional release, ask you to share any information that is not relevant to our session, or challenge your requests. In a world that so often does not remind us of this, you have full and absolute agency and sovereignty over your body at all times.